Where they are: Southern California
Why you need them: The fried chicken at this all-organic San Diego concept from famed chef Richard Blais already made our list of the best fried chicken in America, period, thanks to its crispy skin, pitch-perfect secret spice blend, and dipping sauces like curry mustard and kimchi BBQ. But this isn’t just a fried chicken joint, it’s Foghorn Leghorn’s personal hell. Here, chicken shows up in all forms, from pollo asada on the California dip sandwich (big ups on that side of pozole broth)  BBQ’d, made into sausage, or smoked and turned into healthy bowls. Hell, even the fries are made in chicken fat. Blais has expanded his fowl temple north to Pasadena recently, with eyes on Vegas soon. Let’s hope he hits the jackpot and keeps this train rolling until we’re all fat, happy, and covered in schmaltz.
What to get: Go with the five-piece fried chicken… as a side for the otherworldly Firebird, which stacks spicy fried chicken, crispy potatoes, and pickles on a potato roll dripping with ranch.

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