Lunch at Crack Shack Encinitas

What's Happening

When you rule the roost, word gets around.

What's Happening

When you rule the roost, word gets around.

Situation (Kinda) Normal, All Clucked Up…

Thank you all for your patience and support of our continued adaptations that result from the ongoing cluster cluck that is the Coronavirus.

We aggressively monitor all statewide and local government updates, as well as recommendations by the CDC, to ensure we are going above and beyond to protect the health and safety of our guests, staff and communities. As the guidelines change–and they seem to do so frequently as we continue to learn more about COVID–so do we.


  • Cali coops are open for outdoor dining, plus limited capacity indoor dining. Both our Encinitas and Costa Mesa coops are completely open-air, and our OG location in San Diego is 110% outdoors.
  • The Las Vegas coop is open for both socially distant indoor and outdoor dining, with a per table guest limit per state mandate).
  • Don’t fret, if you’re not ready to venture out yet, ALL coops are open for safe takeout, curbside pick-up (not available in Century City or Las Vegas), and delivery.

We’re committed to continue feeding you the best quality chicken & eggs in the safest way possible, so please, respect us and your fellow peeps. Back the cluck up, cover your beak, wash your hands.


We’ve implemented touchless ordering systems, menu browsing, payment and pickup processes with your safety, and that of our staff, in mind.

Curbside Ordering & Pick-Up (available in Little Italy, Encinitas, Costa Mesa and Pasadena): Order in advance online or over the phone, then call and let us know you’ve arrived in one of our Pick-Up Zones. Or, order straight from your car! Just scan the QR code from the driver’s seat, and plug in your Zone number to let us know where to bring your food once it’s ready.

Disposable & Digital Menus: Paper menus are available for one-time use, or, scan a QR code at the register to pull up a menu on your phone.

Contact-less Ordering: We have social distancing markers to keep you safe in line, but you can also scan a QR code at the start of the queue at ALL locations, to place your order online instead. Step aside, and we’ll call your name and bring you your meal as soon as your order’s up.