Let’s be honest. Organic meats are great and all, but a chicken could be raised on a hormone-free cloud while being consistently massaged by an angel, and it wouldn’t make a difference if it didn’t fry up deliciously. Luckily, the folks at this newish SD favorite put as much effort into making its fried chicken top-notch as the farmthrillist.com/…/21-best-fried-chicken-in-americaers it sources from do making sure the future drumsticks are treated humanely. Served in five- or 10-piece portions (who are you kidding, get 10), the birds are Southern fried with a blend of secret herbs and spices from a fancy San Francisco spice merchant and served crispy with a wide array of sauces, among them curry mustard, kimchi BBQ, and a house ketchup kissed by the same spices that make the chicken so great. There are also chicken sandwiches and salads, but, you know, why fill up on salad when there are biscuits with miso butter and ice cream sandwiches. If you’re feeling too fat after skipping greens, you can always hit the on-site bocce court for a little exercise.

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