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The first “coop” of The Crack Shack officially opens in Colorado at the Grange Hall in Greenwood Village. Chef Khine Moore from The Crack Shack shows how he prepares one of The Crack Shack’s signature sandwiches, The Firebird.  The Firebird sandwich is prepared with a spicy fired chicken thigh, house made cool ranch, crispy onion and pickles

Troy Guard and the TAG Restaurant Group announced their first food vendor at Grange Hall, the upcoming food hall and micro-brewery: The Crack Shack. Troy Guard and his partners on this project, Kevin Hawkins and Ken Himel, are working to transform the nearly 13,000 square-foot space into a community focused place to gather, eat and play—and gourmet fried chicken

Troy Guard’s upcoming food hall, Grange Hall will house about nine different restaurants and eateries. When What Now Denver talked with Troy Guard, he told us that some of the concepts will include “a sushi place, vegan place, ice cream, barbecue” and more. Apart from The Crack Shack, Grange Hall will also feature a place

The concept, created by Michael Rosen, started in San Diego in a shack behind Juniper and Ivy, a fine-dining restaurant he founded. The chicken chain has since grown to four open stores, including one on the Las Vegas Strip. Two more are to come in Denver and Utah. The Growth in sales caught the eye

“Solid, good cooking and comfort are always on-trend,” says Chef Richard Blais. We reached out to the Top Chef all-starand co-owner of The Crack Shack to talk chicken sandwiches because, well, that’s all people seem to be talking about lately. We figured, if anyone would understand how a sandwich basically turned into a cult obsession at the tail end of summer

Former Top Chef winner Richard Blais and founder Michael Rosen brought fried chicken to the Strip over the weekend. The Crack Shack officially opened in a rustic chic space at the front of the Park MGM, next to Eataly with a menu driven by fast-casual chicken fried on the fly.  The centerpiece of the menu? Jidori chicken served in five- or 10-piece meals. Diners

The Crack Shack, the fast-casual chicken restaurant from chef Richard Blais and founder Michael Rosen, makes its debut on the Strip on Aug. 11. The sixth location for the restaurant and first outside California lands at the front of the Park MGM, next to Eataly. The 6,400-square-foot space features a full bar, a window for ordering,