You don’t have to visit the South to get crispy, tender fried chicken. Chef Richard Blais is putting his spin on Southern California fried chicken with The Crack Shack. When the spot opened in 2015, he and owner Michael Rosen brought with them the best fried chicken in San Diego.

As a restaurateur, television personality, and cookbook author, Chef Blais is now bringing his culinary expertise to The Crack Shack. He’s partnering with executive chef Jon Sloan to “elevate” both the chicken and the egg and honor Rosen’s intense love of all things chicken. The fine-casual spot’s all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu puts poultry at its center; chicken and eggs—fried, grilled, and even deviled—are a part of just about every dish.

The Crack Shack uses only the finest, freshest local ingredients to create the delicious dishes on its playful menu. Recipes include locally raised, free-living chickens Jidori chickens that are fed with all natural, antibiotic-free grains. Beyond the chicken and eggs, the restaurant uses top-quality produce sourced from boutique farms. Blais and Sloan transform these ingredients into high-end culinary creations to the delight of San Diego’s foodies.

Fried Chicken That’ll Make Your Mouth Water…

Before settling on the perfect fried chicken recipe, the culinary team experimented with different brines, salt levels, flour mixtures, and spices for months before the restaurant opened. The result is addicting.

The Crack Shack puts its own innovative spin on fried chicken with Southern California fried bird.

You can order 5 or 10 pieces of bone-in fried chicken, or try the chicken in one of the restaurant’s specialty sandwiches, chicken oysters, and on top of a salad or slaw.

… And So Much More

While the fried chicken is delectable enough on its own, The Crack Shack also offers a rainbow of house-made sauces. Try the Kimchi BBQ, Sriracha 1000 Island, Sweet Heat, Baja Hot Sauce, Buttermilk Ranch, and “Cracksup.”

For the days you’re not feeling fried chicken, The Crack Shack still has a variety of options that will satisfy your taste buds. Try the Anti-Salad Power Bowl (with a soft-boiled egg, sliced avocados, pickled onions, and heritage grains in a tomatillo salsa), the Chicken of the Sea sandwich (made with seared albacore tuna), the border slaw (a tropical fruit salad), or an order of deviled eggs. Their Mexican Poutine fries (topped with pollo asado and jalapeño cheese whiz) can serve as their own meal as well.

Of course, their miso-maple biscuits and schmaltz fries, which are fried in rendered chicken fat, are a must-add to everything you order.

Not to be outdone by the kitchen, The Crack Shack has a full bar with craft cocktails, beer and wine. With playful options like the Play Date and an innovative Bloody Mary, you can easily find something to sip no matter your preference.

The next time you have a craving for fried chicken, start with The Crack Shack. The elevated, experimental comfort food will soon become your go-to dining spot. Check out our mouthwatering menu by visiting us online or stopping by one of our locations.