Game Day Guide

When you rule the roost, word gets around.

Game Day Guide

When you rule the roost, word gets around.

All you need for the Game That Can’t Be Named

Whether you need a spot to perch up for the Big Game, a dish to bring to the viewing party, or you’re hosting a whole flock at your coop, we’ve got everything you need to be the MVP.

For Party Peeps…

Meet us on the Strip! We’re hosting a Big Game Party at our Las Vegas coop, so you can catch the action on our massive TV wall. Click here for the deets.

Sticking to SoCal? Visit our Pasadena Coop for a Viewing Party filled with pitcher specials, Game Day platters, and Super Squares with prize giveaways at the end of every quarter! Seating is open, so come early to snag a spot for your peeps, or e-mail us at with large group reservation requests.

For Chef-y Peeps…

No shade to the nacho, but how about impressing your friends with something a little more inspired. Whip up some Shack-style Mexican Poutine! We shared the recipe with Parade Magazine here.

Or what about “The Best Deviled Eggs Recipe on the Planet” we shared with la The Manual?

For Lazy Peeps…

Don’t try to be a hero and feed a huge flock on your own–you’ll end up missing all the best commercials. Let us whip up your game day snacks and bring ’em to your coop. Cater this year’s viewing party with bone-in fried chicken or boneless tenders, mini versions of your favorite sandwiches, deviled eggs, biscuits, and all the cluck in between. Peep the catering menu and get your orders in soon!